(you're not alone)

This is a mental-health focused typing game aimed at creating a soothing environment for you to feel a little less alone in. There are 20 unique phrases for you to discover by typing them out in the box provided. The first letter of the typed phrase will unlock the rest of the phrase for you to finish. Can you figure them all out?


20 unique phrases

mental health resources

soothing music

positive affirmations


(checkpoint - intl.)

(beyondblue -AUS)

(helplines - EU)
(mind - UK)
(nami - USA)

This is my submission for the Brackeys Game Jam 2022.2 !

SFX: [ Adventure Music & SFX / Dialog Text / Lofi World Vol 1 ]

[ Jam results: 174/1085 ]

*not playable on mobile devices sorry!

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very smooth. I like the mental health awareness. Good stuf

Thank you!! :~)

Dude it is very beautifull game for this theme.I aam surpsised.But i can't type anything in the box.How i type

Thank you so much!!! Oh no - what system are you using? It should type right away for you, for example if you start typing with "e" 'everything etc etc' will show up in grey text & you can type over that in black!

Could be a bug with my coding though! Lmk how you go & I can take another look if the problem is still happening for you.

Well i tryied again and everything work OK!..untill 9 phrases left.Cause after it was,everything repeated.

Oh good! Thanks for trying it again, I'm glad it worked enough for you to play a little bit. :~)

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i just can't help crying(T^T)THANK u so much for creating the game

This is so sweet!! Thank you so so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :~)

This was extremly calming and honestly made me feel a lot better. what a wonderful game, thank you for making this!

I'm so so glad you liked it!! Calming is definitely what I was going for, thank you so so  much for playing! :~)

Thanks for this, the choice of sentences and answers is very well done 💕

Thanks so much! I'm glad you liked it! :~)


tried it and finished! that was relaxing with the bgm as well!(i made a lot of typos tho haha)

reassurance's just what i needed for this week :)

Thank you so much for playing! I'm so glad you could take something positive away from this experience. :~)